Saturday, December 27, 2008

Nearing the end of 2008

I can not believe in just a few days we will be celebrating a New Year! Can you? I am hopeful for a great 2009 for all of our family and friends. I am hopeful that the economy will turn around. I am hopeful that our family and friends will stay safe and well. I am hopeful that good things are a head. As I think back on the year, there have been some wonderful things happen - Landry turned 5, Kelsey turned 10, and our little doggie Sadie turned 14. Dave and I celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary. We took part in Relay for Life on Team Ashley in honor of our sweet little friend Ashley (who is doing wonderful! She had a little battle with RSV this past week but was well enough to come home for Christmas - what a huge blessing!). We went to Disney World and loved every magical moment or the trip. Kelsey and I went to see the Jonas Brothers in concert. Kelsey started 5th grade and Landry started Kindergarten. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving and Christmas. My dad is doing good, just wish I could see him more.

With all the good there is always some sadness. Our dear friends Christi and Joshua lost Joshua's mom this year after a very short battle with cancer. And just yesterday my dear friend Elaine lost her dad. He had been ill for a while and he could not fight it any longer. I ask that you keep Elaine and her family in your prayers.

I am sending Happy New Year wishes your way and hope it is a wonderful year for each of you!

Friday, December 26, 2008

The magic lives on ....

Well another Christmas celebration has come and gone just like that, but we should keep the magic going throughout the year, right? :) We had a nice Christmas and hope everyone else did as well. Grandma and Uncle Michael came to celebrate with us ... we decorated sugar cookies, went to Christmas Eve service (which was a nice candlelight service this year), Kelsey read The Night Before Christmas to us, set out the cookie and milk for Santa, and then it was off to bed - up early Christmas morning to see what Santa brought. All in all it was a good Christmas spent with family and some celebrating prior with friends.

The above picture is how we look on Wii Ski the new Wii game Landry got - that is Dave, Landry (yes Landry made his Mii with longish grey hair and it is named Super Cool), Kelsey and Diane - fun game!!

Everyone watching Landry open a gift .... what is it????

Kelsey reading The Night Before Christmas to us.

The tree with the lights on and all the mounds of gifts for everyone .... still have some to deliver to Pappaw Ken and Jean and others ...

Decorating sugar cookies - Yum!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Hard to say goodbye ....

I am a little sad tonight as it is the final regular season game for the 'Boys at Texas Stadium. I so wish I could be there to say goodbye. Yes I know I sound like a sap but I do love my boys. :) I mean come on I have a son named Landry. In addition to Cowboy games, I can recall going to high school playoff games as well as state championships at Texas Stadium as well as a game between Texas A&M and SMU during the good old days of the Southwest Conference and a UNT game against Texas Tech. Oh and I even went to see INXS, Guns n Roses, and a Farm Aid Concert there. And we all know why the roof has the whole in it right? Yes so God can see his favorite team play. Now I am sure that Dave is totally cracking up over this post or our good pal Rob is now falling out of his chair with laughter but what can you do :).
So join me in saying farewell Texas Stadium and lets cheer on the 'Boys to a win. Hopefully the new stadium will bring some good luck to the team.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Santa Claus is coming to town ...

Looks like Kelsey and Landry will be driving the sleigh :). Last weekend we had a fun time at Safety Town seeing all the buildings with their lights and some other fun holiday activities. I am not believing that there is only 6 days until Christmas ... it seems like just yesterday was the first day of school. I think I am ready, are you?

Friday, December 12, 2008

"Baby it's cold outside"

I just love that song "Baby It's Cold Outside" from Elf which just so happens to be my favorite Christmas movie. I mean who does not love Will Ferrell??? See everyone loves him. :) Anyway.... it has started to get colder here and on Wednesday it was our coldest day/night yet and guess who decided it would be a fine time to go outside??? Yes my kids and Landry's friend Jaxen. Can you say - Crazy!! And I had to take some pictures because that is just how I roll (a shout out to Susan there using her now famous phrase :) ).

On this past Saturday, December 6th, Kelsey's school choir sang some lovely Christmas songs at Merry Main Street - it was a cold one that night too.
Look at her cold little face! That was after she sang and on our way to the car. She was cold and ready to go.

Funny thing about this picture is that it so reminds me of Where's Waldo only the question here is Where's Kelsey? Can you find her? The choir shirts say Shawnee Trail Choir is on Fire - catchy, huh?

Yes that is Rudolph, himself, having fun at Merry Main Street hanging out with Dave and Kelsey -ha! No it is not really Rudolph :) You can see the person inside the costume just look into his eyes :).