Wednesday, March 31, 2010

First Graders take on the Dallas World Aquarium

This week Landry and the entire first grade at his school went to the Dallas World Aquarium for their field trip. The first graders study about the ocean so this was a great place to go. Landry was so excited and I was so excited to get to go with him .... the parents took their own cars and the kids all went on the buses with their teachers.
Landry has always loved ocean animals.
My group of 4 and another group of 4 from Mrs. Lairsen's class. Crazy kids! And yes I had a group of 4 boys to walk around with. ;)

Outside display with a large bird in the background and two friends from another class.

My group of 4 ready for the fun!
The school bus taking off and look at the back window --- see the little arm ?? That is Landry Man :).

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Girl Scouts take on the Zoo

Our girl scout troop went to the Dallas Zoo for a zoo class working toward an IP ... and here are some pictures from our day and yes they are not in order. One day really I mean it I will get this down but that is not the case today so bear with me. :)
Here are some of our girls by the penguins pool ... these are African Penguins who seem to enjoy the warm weather and no ice. They are fun to watch such little characters.
Our wonderful leader Ms Katina leading the troops on their observing of nature trail and checking off what they find.

A girl always has to take a moment to pose for a photo ... shortly after Kelsey jumped off and yes skinned her knee and hand (only my child :) ).

We took the Dart train to and from the zoo ... this is the beginning of the day on the way to the zoo -- see it is in total reverse order.

More smiling faces on the way to the zoo .....
Today is the first day of our spring break and we are starting it off with a cookie booth. We have cookies left that we need to sell. Wish us luck! Then the girls are going to go have some fun playing Wii and eating pizza .... ah to be a tween again. :)