Sunday, August 26, 2012

Its the night before school starts.....

And so it starts another school year tomorrow... where did the summer go?  Kelsey off to high school and Landry off the 4th grade.  Very excited to see how every one's first day of school goes.  Look for a photo and update if not tomorrow then this week sometime :).

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

What have we been doing since December???

In January I got to go to LA with my friends Susan and Amanda ..... FUN!!!  We got to go a taping of The Tonight Show with Jay Leno (even though I am a die hard Letterman fan ;) ) and Gerard Butler was one of the guests ...yeah!  We got a picture with him.  We went to the People's Choice Awards too... Fun!

These photos are in no certain order as usual I have to take blogging lessons--maybe this year!
Kelsey went to AKon with her friends this year and had a blast!  For those unaware that is Anime Convention and the largest on of its kind is held in Dallas.  This was from the second day they went and they cosplayed characters from "Homestuck" an online comic they all love.  Kelsey is in blue and she was Tom and she is a human unlike some of the characters they are trolls from outer space but all go to school together...something like that.

Kelsey turned 14 this year!!  Time goes too fast!  She had friends over and they made a movie you may have heard of it, its a YouTube sensation...ha!  17 Car Crashes and an Explosion or is it 17 Explosions and a Car Crash?  Check it out if you can find it....

For some strange reason this is the only picture of my Landry I can get to upload---I will investigate the situation but he is working hard on his drum lessons (when I can get him to get off the computer, or off the TV, or off his get the picture.

Easter we went to Houston to visit Grandma and we found this comic book store that had lots of cool things...LOTS of STAR WARS stuff- totally cool.

Last band concert at Clark Middle School... Kelsey and Alice proudly show of their pins of their instruments...Way to go girls!  (this summer they have been working so hard at band camp and both made the marching band.  They will take the field each football half time- YEAH!)

Kelsey and some friends taking a break from marching band orientation in the Spring

One last picture from AKon this was a photo shoot for Soul Eater and these just happen to be the "bad" guys.  Kelsey is on the far end in the polka dot dress.  I am so proud of her she made the dress and the hat...she has got some sewing skills and is self taught from watching YouTube videos ...
OK I will try to take more pictures and post more.  My friend Lynn has started back updating her blog and I thought for sure she would offer to do mine but sadly enough she did not volunteer.