Friday, January 30, 2009

Colonial Night

Last night we went to Kelsey's school for the 5th grade presentation of Colonial Night and we really enjoyed it. Kelsey was so excited about the presentation. She had several speaking parts for the night. She was in the entertainment group.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Girl Scouts on Skates .....

On Sunday night Kelsey's Girl Scout troop joined other area Girl Scouts at a roller skating rink for some skating fun. It was funny to be inside a roller rink as I have not been to one in many years. I remember fondly the S&S rink in Gainesville and spending many weekend nights there when I was in elementary school. If I close my eyes I can actually see the rink and I can hear the music that was played there. Fun stuff! It was easy to see that the girls had no clue about skating. Such an ancient art, roller skating :). They all seemed to catch on and really enjoy it. Kelsey is already asking to go back. Here are some fun photos from the event. Ok off to hum "Philadelphia Freedom" and remember the good old days at the S&S.