Thursday, December 29, 2011

Merry Christmas 2011

Well this is a look of a satisfied little 8 year old....he looks like he had a great Christmas, right? I think he did. He loved everything he received :)....lots of Legos and Nerf his favorite things and plenty of Star Wars to take him on a Jedi trip :).
She was equally happy with her Christmas treasures .... she loves The Hunger Games book series and with the movie coming out she got lots of tie ins. Plus anime/manga things which she loves.
Something cute to hold her cell phone or ipod....
He will have lots of fun with I am not so sure I will have fun finding the Nerf disks all around but he is only little once, right so go for it Landry.
The big boys had fun too....
Crazy family!
Michael can work on the yard in style :)
He can finally stop bugging Patrick for his Millennium Falcon now he has his own :)
Crazy drinking eye glass straws .... fun stuff!
Checking out stocking goodies .... Landry could not wait!
Ahhh they love each other, really they do, I think any way :)
Merry Christmas from all of us to all of you! I am saying prayers and thinking of those no longer with us. It was a difficult holiday for me...the first with out parents. Hard to believe my mom has been gone 12 years and now my dad. We missed Sadie this Christmas too. Time heals and memories stay so we will hang on to those wonderful memories we have. Hoping that 2012 brings great things to all and fun and health!