Sunday, September 13, 2009

A day with Lori and her girls and Kelsey gets her ears pierced

Last Saturday we got to meet Lori and her mom Laura in Denton along with Lori's sweethearts. Five beautiful little girls that are melting Lori's heart so fast she does not even know what hit her. It was a fun visit but way too short. Kelsey had fun with the girls. Looking forward to our next get together.

After lunch we called to say to Christi and she was in need of a girl fix so we picked her up and guess what we did - well you see the photo so you already know :). Kelsey got her ears pierced. It was fun getting to do this with "Aunt" Christi. Kelsey was a brave girl and the girl at Claire's that did the ear piercing looked about Kelsey's age and we will affectionately call her the "elf". She did a great job.

A photo of Lori and I. Can you believe we have been best buddies since Kindergarten?! It's true. Love her so much!

A sweet picture of Kelsey and the girls.

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, Its Off to School We Go ....

Yes in my true fashion of uploading photos I have these backwards - imagine that!!! Ha! Look at our 6th grader walking into school without us as we stayed in the parking lot. W are so proud of her and love her so much!!! Go Kelsey!
Look at the little man sitting at his seat and getting his colors out for a first day of school project. Can't believe he is actually a first grader!!!
Here he is in the hall outside of his class hanging his backpack up. He wore his Star Wars shirt for the first day of school. He is just as cute as his sister.

Striking a pose outside before heading to school. Look at our girl! She is so pretty.

Landry was still sleepy but was ready to face the day - he did say he thought he needed 6 more months of summer - don't we all? :) Sorry Landry it is school time for now but a break is just around the corner.

A Saturday Visit with Pappaw

Two weeks before school started we went to visit Pappaw before he started his chemo. It was a nice day and of coarse we were outside a lot. My dad is doing well with his chemo (has only had one so far but has another one this coming week). He is participating in a cancer study so is using the combination of three medications together so it will be very beneficial for him. Please keep him in your prayers. I went with him for his first treatments and it was an 8 hour day. They said that the others will be 6 1/2 hours so a little less. He will go every 3 weeks for treatments and will do blood work on the 2 Wednesdays between the treatments. He is staying strong and upbeat! I have faith that he will beat this. Hard to believe that it has been just 10 years since my mom passed and now we are facing this horrible C word again.

Landry takes his first motorcycle ride and liked it a little too much - makes you worried that motorcycles will be in his future. This is his cousin Trent, my nephew. He is all grown up and has a wife and two kids.

Me and my dad sitting on the porch out back as always.

Kelsey hanging out with Pappaw.

Landry (or as Pappaw calls him Willie) having some fun at Pappaw's - look how red his face is from playing.

Some time out with Girlfriends

It has been a while since I posted anything here on the family blog - falling behind is not fun! I have lots of scrapbooknig to get caught up on too .... when will I do all this?? :)
Last month I was blessed with some opportunities to get together with some friends from high school. I adore all my girlfriends and well all my friends for that matter. They are so important to me. In August some of us got together and went to the Rick Springfield concert at Billy Bobs. We had a great time. He can still sing and dance around on the stage like it is nothing. We could not believe when he announced he would be turning 60 in a few weeks.

Having fun with Lisa, Dana, LeAnn, Amber and Melinda at the concert.
Rick Springfield on stage - "You know I wish I had Jessie's Girl" GREAT TIME!

More girl time was had this summer!! A few weeks before the concert I got to meet some GHS girls for dinner in Lewisville. We always have a great time together. There is something special about that Gainesville girls that is for sure! Our for dinner were Suzanne, Lisa, Rose, Laine, Jamie, Lynda, and Esther and me :)
My friends are a gift from God and a huge part of my life and my family! Thanks Girls!!