Monday, January 25, 2010

Fun day of Sunday Photos

On Sunday our friend and neighbor, Jody, got a crew of the moms on the street and their kids together to go take photos. We all grabbed our cameras and headed to downtown Frisco to have some photo fun. The kids brought their cameras too. Jody brought along some old dial phones for props --- fun! I played around with the photoshopping on some of mine but not as cool as the ones that Jody did .... I am sharing my pictures and some Jody did as well ... looking forward to our next grab your camera outing.

Jody turned the kids into black and white art --- cute photo with the phones. Look who is in the middle, yep Landry.

We counted to 3 and jumped look how Joe caught my shoes flying off. :)

By far my favorite! Jody has to teach me this photoshop technique -- totally cool!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Pine Wood Derby

I needed a happy post after the last one encouraging my Cowboys but they just did not pull off a win ..... so here is our HAPPY post :).
Landry participated in his first pine wood derby race last weekend. And he did GREAT! He won first place in his age group - Tiger Cubs. Dave was so nervous and really thought they would be last but the little car that could proved him wrong and Landry was so happy.
Such a proud little guy!

The ramp with the cars at the starting line .......

It was a lot of fun and Landry had to race against the other 1st place winners from the other races and he took 4th in that one. Those cars were WAY fast. Rob has already suggested to Dave that they start focusing on their 2011 car :)

Sunday, January 17, 2010

C O W B O Y S !!!!!!!

Come on Cowboys come back after half time and do your thing --- win this game!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The world of a tween ....

This has been an interesting week so far and we are only at Wednesday. It is mid term exam week for the middle and high school students here in our school district. This is a first for Kelsey and her friends. On Sunday to prepare for the exams Kelsey and 4 friends got together to study. They really seemed to help each other and stayed on topic pretty well. While studying on her own Kelsey has found a favorite study spot .... her closet! She took her chair into the closet along with her laptop and a few blankets. It is always good to have a quiet spot, right? I am praying for great success on the exams for Kelsey and her friends.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

C O W B O Y S !!!!!!!

The Cowboys WON!!! They played the Eagles 3 times this season and won each time! AWESOME!! I managed to watch the entire game without being overly nervous.
Tony Romo getting a congrats from Donovan McNabb.
Look who was at the game -- Laura and George Bush enjoy the game with Emmitt Smith!

Way to go Romo!

Miles Austin had a great game!

Felix Jones had a great game too!
Ok now we need some good positive thoughts and prayers flowing for next weeks playoff game against the Vikings and Brett Favre ........
stop laughing Rob.... I say this because you are the only one that reads this :)

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Come on Cowboys!!!!

Fingers and toes crossed for a Cowboy WIN!!! First game of the playoffs and playing the Philadelphia Eagles for the 3rd time this season --- will be hard but so want a win for the 'Boys!!! I get so nervous so I can not sit and watch the entire game. I will be up and moving around. Go Cowboys!!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy Noon Years !!!

Every year on New Years Eve our friends and neighbors, the Mettlers, host a Noon Years party for the kids. We all arrive at 11 am for hot dogs, snacks, and grape juice toasts .... at alittle before 12 pm Caron plays the Rockin' New Years Eve from the year prior and we do a count down. Kelsey and Lauren stand on the stair landing (this is their second year to do the balloon drop) and they open huge bags of balloons and drop on the other kids below. The kids all have the fun noise making poppers (aimed at the wall and not their friends) and the fun begins. Landry LOVES the noise poppers and had a trigger one this year :).

The noon years moms (terrible picture of me and well all pictures of me are terrible).

Noon years dads ... silly ones at that! They had fun too!

Balloons dropped and the noise makers went off right on time at 12 pm! Happy Noon Years all!

Kelsey and Lauren dropping the balloons.

Kelsey, Lauren and Abbey in front of the New York City party scene Caron put up.

John, Landry and Mark reconnect and talk about their Christmas fun before the noon years festivities begin. Looking forward to the fun year ahead and all the wonderful things we do together as neighbors. We are truly lucky to have such great friends.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Christmas 2009

As with the wonderful things from Santa, Kelsey and Landry were very happy to receive things for Christmas that they really wanted. Both are getting older and wanting older kid things. No longer wanting dolls, Barbies, or toys of the sort Kelsey only wanted a lap top or a video camera for Christmas and she got both! We all put money in (Grandma, Uncle Michael and Dave and I) and got her a really neat NetBook and she loves it! She has used it everyday of the Christmas Break. She also got other things that were on her list. Landry was VERY happy to get his Bionicles and the 7 in 1 Mega Bakugan for some "sweet" battles with his friends :) Look at the excitement in the photo above he was doing his "victory lap" .... plus he got Lego Rock Band -- we have had lots of fun with that too. I will have to post the many times we have played it in the short time we have had it with many visitors.

Kelsey with her new favorite thing her Netbook ... and wearing her new Justice Snuggie (Landry got her ).

Landry was very excited about his snuggie and snuggie socks. He took them to a sleep over at his friend Jaxen's house.

Grandma was excited about her Susan Boyle CD that Kelsey got her.

Kelsey really wanted to open this present fist of all ---- it was the netbook and you know she opened it since I posted just above about it but in true Diane fasion the first photo I uploaded ended up the last one on here .... goal for the new year figure out the posting of the photos. Hey Rob is here now helping Dave with the Pinewood Derby car for Landry maybe he will help me out .... ha Hi Rob!

Christmas Morning 2009 seeing our goodies from Santa

Kelsey and Landry loved what they got from Santa for Christmas --- Kelsey really wanted a video camera (remember previous posts where we talked about how Kelsey wants to be a cinematographer) and Landry wanted all things Nerf and Bionicle for Christmas and Santa delivered.

Decorating Cookies for Santa

On Christmas Eve we have a little thing for making cookies and decorating them for Santa ... who doesn't right? :) Here are our cookie makers in action ....