Sunday, August 29, 2010

Retro Landry

Just because I needed to replace the last blog post with something fun and happy since the horrible outcome of the Cowboy game last night I thought I would go way back to Landry in the 2's class at Kidz World. Can you find him? I bet you can :). Look at those cheeks and that hair you would know him anywhere, right? Thanks for letting me go back in time for the day ... I am not saying it will not happen again so be on the look out for those old pics :)

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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Who is ready for some football weather????

MEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! I am so DONE with the 109 degree weather we have had pretty much ALL summer. Football goes hand and hand with fall to me just wish the fall weather would catch on and start.

Monday, August 23, 2010

First Day of School 2010-2011

Today was the first day of school and I managed to take a couple of photos without too much protest - ha! Landry followed his buddy Mark on into school without a kiss or a goodbye so I got a nice shot of his back as he walked away from me. Also got a nice picture of Kelsey after she got out of the car - it is just drop and go you know once you get in middle school :) I hope they have a great day and look forward to hearing all about it.

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Rain Gutter Regatta

What a day! It was HOT, 106 degrees outside and the day before school was Pack 298's Rain Gutter Regatta! This was Landry's first try at this and he did ok - he will have to work on his technique :). Here are some pictures from the event. Landry's favorite things was spending time with his friends and his buddies Mark and John are also scouts so that made for a great last day of summer. Not so sure that Kelsey was excited to spend her last day this way but her friend Alice was there too watching her little brother so that did help a little :)

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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Rush- limelight i love you man

This will be Dave and Rob next month at their Rush concert .... can't you just see it!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Photo Editing and Printing

I thought this photo was so cute of Kelsey and friends (Ashauna is ducking behind the horse head and Isabella is smiling). I did a change on the coloring and made it look kind of cool but can not get it to print in such the cool way I have it edited. Very frustrating! Hmmm ... need a tutorial!
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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

a few more from Kemah....

Kelsey and Landry rode this ride 5 times! They loved it! I think all the kids did .... they would end the ride and run right back and get in line to ride again.
Dare devil Kelsey riding this very high in the sky ride. She is one brave gal.
Cooling off before we left.
The big wooden roller coaster. Kelsey and Dave both said it was fun but pretty jerky.
I am glad we got to take the little trip to Kemah. Fun stuff! Thanks for going Grandma Janet.
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more Kemah pictures.....

Do you see Kelsey waving from the top?
Landry driving the boats .... he did this twice.
Kelsey and Dave on the ride .... Dave did get a little bit upset at his stomach on this one but look at Kelsey with her hands in the air. The two guys behind them are cracking me up.... they are having a little chat like they are just sitting at a table or something.
On the train... this went all around the boardwalk.
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Summer Fun at Kemah Texas

We went to visit Grandma and took a trip to Kemah, Texas for some fun on the boardwalk. Our first stop was lunch at Landry's Seafood House Restaurant. We had a yummy lunch and then headed out for some fun. There are a fun variety of rides. Kelsey is our dare devil and was wanting to ride all the rides --- she did just about that. There were two rides she did not get that went upside and down and stayed there for a while and then one that went up straight up and then dropped. Here are some pictures showing the fun ....

See the stamp on Kelsey's hand? It is showing her lightbulb moment :).
Kelsey loved this ride. It was like the Mexican Hat ride at Six Flags.
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A day at the mall.....

On August 1st Kelsey and her friends Ashauna and Isabella went to the mall in hopes of getting an autograph and photo of Demi Lovato who was there for the Shop til you Rock event. She was to be there signing at 1 pm on Sunday so we thought if we got there by 11 am we could get in line and wait...... well others (many others more than 350 people or more) got to the mall at 7am and had gotten arm bands to guarantee them an autograph while the others after would not be guaranteed one well guess where we fell in that bunch??? We decided to go ahead and walk around the mall have some fun and come back to take photos of her and see the band preform (she was not going to sing but another group would). We got back to the area where it was a mad house so we could get a picture --- someone announced that she would be out around 2pm so we walked around the mall some more and came back.... then it was that she would be out around 3pm .... repeat the above and we came back around 345 pm and still no Demi. Someone said she was not feeling well and would try to be out as soon as she could. We did see the musical group sing (they are Ready Set) and they were pretty good they have a popular song out right now and the lead singer is pretty cute so we got some pictures of him. The girls were then ready to leave so we never saw her but she did make an appearance around 430 pm. Bummer we missed her --- she is Kelsey's favorite singer/actor right now. Maybe another time, right?

The Ready Set singing at Stonebriar Mall.
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