Friday, November 27, 2009


Thankful to be able to spend Thanksgiving with Papaw (aka Daddy).

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Boosterthon Fun Run and Frisco Parade

Today was the Frisco Community Parade and Landry's Boy Scout Pack 298 participated in the Parade .... Dave and Landry walked the long route and passed out candy to the on lookers. He had a great time but his little legs were tired. What made it even more fun was that some of the friends on the street are in the same pack and walked too. Landry is so excited about being in scouts and he loves his Den and Pack - how cool is that?! John is in the photo below right behind Landry and he is a level ahead of Landry and one of our great neighbors. Mark is two scout levels ahead of Landry and is another great friend.

There is Dave in the very middle reaching in the bag of candy to pass out along the way. Mark is the scout in the front with his hat on passing out candy.

Olympic Gold Medalist Nastia Liukin was a surprise to see -- a local favorite for sure.
Also this week was the Boosterthon Run at Landry's school. It is their fund raiser where they get pledges per lap or a flat donation. This year Landry's goal was to go all 35 laps and get the back of his shirt all marked up ---- HE DID IT! Way to go Landry. He and his friend Wesley just kept running and were two of the first to finish.
The back of Landry's shirt showing all the laps marked. He was so proud! We are so proud of him. :)

Look how excited he is! He loved it. Go Landry Go!

A wave from the little man as he went by. What a week!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Halloween 2009

Halloween in our neighborhood is always so much fun! We have watched a movie on Halloween in the front yard of Jen's house in the past but she moved last December so we had to make new Halloween traditions this year. Jody stepped up to the plate this year and went way beyond what we could ever imagine. We started the night out with Mummy Dogs down at Caron's house and at our house we had some of Kelsey's friends over for pizza and my friends too ;) ... then we all started the fun with trick or treating a little after 630 pm. After trick or treating and it was dark we met up in Jody's yard to watch Coraline and roast marshmallows for smores. It was the perfect fun night for all!

Army man Landry in Jody's yard starting his trick or treating off passing the movie screen where we watched Coraline.
Kelsey, Eliana, Grace, Landry and Cole in front of a neighbors house with their display - which included a skeleton on a table with a saw and such and a sign saying Obama Care.

Kelsey and neighbor friends Morgan and Lauren and a few others. Kelsey was a zombie cheerleader along with a few others.

Some Ghoulish girl scouts and Alice's little brother August. Ready to start their candy gathering - I sure hope it is not Kelsey's last year to trick or treat.

Yu-gi-oh, Clone Trooper and an Army man ---- Mark, Cole, and Landry out for some fun!