Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter 2010

Easter 2010 was a bright sunshine day with lots of good food and fun. The kids hunted Easter eggs with Jayla. Landry LOVES to hunt Easter Eggs --- he always has. He can be such a sweetheart at times and then wild and crazy at other times. :) We went to Daddy's for the day, it was so good to see him. He is back on two of his chemo medications again instead of the maintenance chemo since his tumor started to grow again, it is making him week and sick again but he did look good. He is keeping the faith and so am I. Jean's daughter Melissa her daughter Jayla and Melissa's boyfriend Greg were there a and Jean's son Rick and his wife Brenda and their daughter Misty and son in law came along with their baby girl Isabella too. It was a fun crowd. We are looking forward to meeting Melissa and Jayla next weekend at the Fort Worth Zoo. Here are some pictures from our day ...

Landry found the big egg left just for him :). It was up high so he needed some help.

Kelsey spotted hers too :) She is so pretty!

Dave helping find some eggs.

Bubbles! Gotta love bubbles :) Happy Easter! Happy Spring! Now if we can make it through the next two months of school so we can enjoy some summer fun! Hmmmm that cruise that Rob, Megan and Patrick are going on is sounding pretty good :)