Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Happy13th Birthday Kelsey

Ketchup is a big part of our meals .... almost a food group, but it has to be Heinz Ketchup for us only Heinz. Kelsey will not have fries at a restaurant unless they serve Heinz Ketchup. Some of her friends are well aware of her love of the Heinz and got her some little packets along with a bottle but some thought it would be funny to get her a different brand or two so now we have some for donation to a food bank :)
Kelsey and Ashauna defending their team with some of Landry's Nerf guns

I have been WAY, WAY behind posting on here and am so sorry! I am behind on a lot of things! We celebrated Kelsey's birthday with friends the week after school got out. She had a great time.... the girls ate pizza and cake, played around outside, and went to a late showing of Pirates of the Caribbean 4 in their PJ's. They even stayed up until 530 am the next morning.... oh to be young again... ha!