Monday, March 30, 2009

Some fun photos ...

I am not a professional photographer but do have fun taking pictures of the kids. So Sunday we headed out to take some pictures out and about. We drove up to Celina and took some outside of a store that has a painted Coca Cola mural - pretty fun! It is a recent painting but still cool as a back drop. We then went to take some near the railroad tracks in Frisco. I think this one of Kelsey is super cute. Oh and look at Sadie skateboarding :). Go Sadie Go! I would love to take some photography lessons and learn all the cool editing tools you can do - someday ...

Friday, March 27, 2009

Soccer Saturday

Tomorrow Kelsey's team plays the undefeated Longhorns - the weather is looking yucky and am praying for rain to cancel the game but just in case lets wish the Texas Twisters some much needed luck.

This picture is from last weeks game and see how Kelsey is getting a little more aggressive - way to go Kelsey!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

A quick trip to Oklahoma ...

This past Sunday we took a quick one day trip to visit Papaw Ken. We got up early and headed to his house to have lunch with him and visit a while. We took Kelsey's new stuffed toy Domo with us and stopped along the way to take a photo - ha!
We took Papaw Ken to eat in Pauls Valley at the American Diner, it was a cute place with typical diner food. After lunch we stopped in at The Toy & Action Figure Museum ... a fun and interesting place with you guessed it A LOT of toys and action figures :). The kids really enjoyed it and I was surprised the Papaw Ken had never been there .... They have a website, check it out and you may add it to your next weekend get away or part of your vacation to the heartland.
I figure some of my friends that read my blog would love to see Papaw Ken (aka my dad) because it has been a while since they have seen him. He is doing well. Wish we could see him more.

One of these days I will figure out how to load the photos on here so they are in the correct order - so bear with me until then. So really the top photo was the actual last photo and the one above here with Domo sitting on the Oklahoma sign was the first photo of the day - following me? :) Ha! Maybe Rob and Dave can figure it all out for me. I think they are my only readers :).

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Spring Soccer

Spring soccer has been in full swing here - we started February 14th and the season will end in May. Both Kelsey and Landry are loving their teams and are having a great time playing. Landry has started to pay more attention to the game and is trying. Kelsey is getting a little more aggressive and running more. It is fun to watch them. Landry's team is still doing great, they have some really good players. Kelsey's team is playing very hard and are making a come back - very exciting to watch. Here are some photos from Landry's recent game. I will get some from Kelsey's game this Saturday and post for all to see.

Look at our little man's bouncy hair. He is a crack up! :)

Monday, March 9, 2009

Kelsey the photographer ...

Kelsey has informed me that one of her future goals is to be a photographer and I think that is pretty cool! Oh wait also she wants to be movie photographer - is that called cinematographer? I think it is. How cool is she?! Maybe one day she will win and Oscar for her work. Any way she did a photo shoot with Landry and even did some cropping and experimented with color :). Here is her take on Landry.