Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Girl Scout Camp 2009 at Camp Bette Perot

We went to Girl Scout Camp this past weekend in East Texas at Camp Bette Perot. We have been going to this camp since the girls were in 2nd grade. We had 9 girls this year and 3 adults go from our troop. Everyone got along great which is highly unusual for 6th grade girls, right? :)
We have waited all these years to be old enough to stay at Bette's Treehouse and it was well worth it. See they are jumping for joy!
Crazy Girls!

Too much hiking, I guess :) ---- we went on a few hikes in the woods and they were so tired when we got finished.

Kelsey and Alice being silly near the fire after roasting the marshmallows .... watch out Kelsey!

Sitting on the deck waiting for the day to get started!
Kelsey roasting marshmallows for smores ---- we all need smores when camping. I tried the night setting on the camera and it gave this neat effect on the photo.

Kelsey riding her horse, Chevy. The riding of the horses is always a highlight at camp. We did have one crazy thing happen ... Rachal's horse had a stomach ache and just decided to lay down. It started going down to the ground and lucky enough Rachal knew to jump off before the horse rolled over on her. WOW! Rachal was not phased at all she got back up and on another horse. had that been any of the other girls they would not have gotten back on a horse or would have thought to jump out of the way.

The girls gearing up for their horse ride - love the helmets and boots that they provide for the girls.

Working on an art craft --- painting wooden snacks.

Breakfast at camp!

That is it for this year. Next year the girls are old enough to do the ropes coarse ---- we will see if they can handle it! :)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Our little scout .....

WOW!!! First grade is full of fun :)... Landry lost one of his front teeth at school on Tuesday. He was so excited that it happened at school since he got to get the fun little treasure box and color the tooth chart. His friend Samire lost a tooth the same day too. He looks so different without the tooth. Funny how that works. He loves it :).

Here he is with his little treasure box holding his tooth.

After YEARS of going to all the girl scout functions with Kelsey he is finally getting to be a scout of his own. He is a Tiger Scout and absolutely loves his scout shirt. He was busting at the seems on Monday when he heard he had a den meeting. He and Dave are going to have a lot of fun with boy scouts.